Project Description

Brasseur de Montréal opened its doors on March 7, 2008 in the historic Griffintown district of Montreal. Located at 1483 Ottawa Street, east of Guy Street, the brasserie was created thanks to the know-how and hard work of Marc-André Gauvreau and Denise Mérineau, a passionate couple of epicureans. Today recognized throughout Quebec, Brasseur de Montréal beer has carved out a special place in the Quebec micro-brewery community. In order to better serve its customers, Brasseur de Montréal now has 3 restaurant-bars in the heart of the city of Montreal in addition to an extensive distribution network of its beers throughout Quebec.

Since 2014, Alain Lord Mounir, President and CEO of Julia Wine Group, has joined the group to form a joint venture. The new training benefits from the vast network of contacts and distribution of the businessman. The group now has all the resources necessary to occupy an elite position in the world of artisanal micro-brewing and thus take Brasseur de Montréal to new heights.